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Jukebox Cannonball are a collective of bright eyed Rock'n'rollers with a passion for the wonderful era of the classic American Diner. These cats know nothing else than to fall back in time to the birth of music as we know it.

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Kick Back and check out 'The Jukebox' for a quick fix of some ol' time Rock'n'roll, Be sure to Follow our instagram page to keep up to speed with what we're up to as it happens.


 To find out more of what Jukebox Cannonball will bring to your event please to get in touch. Jukebox Cannonball offer various line ups and packages from the mighty 7 piece right down to duo. Don't hesitate to contact for bespoke arrangements 

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The band was formed amidst the ever buzzing London music scene. United in convoy under the hood Rock'n'Roll, their energetic performance is fondly loved by audiences internationally. Be it first time jivers or those who were lucky enough to remember those glory days having seen them with their own eyes.

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